Collection Impression - Beijing was completed on a cold winter day in January 2014 in Beijing and is composed of four galleries respectively: Scent- Beijng, Face - Beijing, Night- Beijing and Art- Beijing. The works manifest the influence Helena Ma has received from abstractionism and impressionism gengre of oil painting and how she improvised in that moment of snapshot with a touch of subjective emotion and provokative interpretation. 

In the gallery Art- Beijing the author is inspired – as usual -- by patterns, shapes, lights and lines in the jazz-alike city lanscape. Once again, abstrationism remains the central form of expression and the use of pure photographical technique is marginalized. The gallery is divided into two parts – natural shape and artificial shape. In natural shape the naturally articulated aesthetics is captured and symbolization method is used, in for example the”Bud” picture the bud vs spring is a symbolization of children being the hope of the nation. The flying kite in the sky symbolizes the massive potential one  has once given the right medium, which in this case is the wind. In the latter section of artificial shape, through exploring and experimenting with different lights, patterns and shades in saturated hues, the author tries to create the impression of overflowing materialism and a pure subjective composition of something that can be called as "art".

Curator: Helena Ma

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